Rayne Morningstar

(formerly Rayne Broome)

I joined SL in 2009 because a friend of mine wanted a DJ she knew at her club in Second Life. I have bounced around SL looking for something to do. I learned how to build, ran clubs with friends, met lots of people, and then one day I was shown KittyCatS. and because I am a DJ, that is how I got in to auctioneering.  I enjoy SL for what it is. A way to get away from RL for a little bit and hang out and chat with friends, listen to some music and create new things!

KittyCatS Background:
I got my first KittyCat in 2011 because of a girlfriend. Started breeding and learning that week.

Early in 2012 I found a breeding class at Kitty Kottage taught by Liriel Garnet and Nynaveve Wirefly. A month later I was training to be an auctioneer with Hellcat (Vamps Cheeky)

In 2013 I moved over to Scratch N Post with LickN and crew and was there until my daughter was born and we took a break.

In Late 2014 We came back to Scratch N Post and worked there until 2015 when we moved over to Secret Smile with Donna and Matt.

At Secret Smile I started off as an auctioneer and Hellcat was assisting with me. Eventually, I moved on to Rental Manager, as well. Many things changed during the time and I had many Auctions. Monday Kitty Madness, Upall Night, and in addition, I helped with the Fugly Auction and then The Kitty Twister was born in 2016.

2017 I had two auctions over at CatTales called The Library and Mystical Forest.

In 2018 Navaar, Wiccan and I opened up a new Market called Oncilla Ridge. That is where I had a huge education.

2019 Bluefish Bay was born as a small 1/8 sim market and slowly started to grow in to what is today.

2022 A new area for Bluefish Bay will open up to a 1/2 sim and more shops!

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