Navaar Morningstar

I don’t know why everyone’s so intimidated by me – I’m the friendliest daemon you’ll ever meet!

I originally joined SL in 2009 and quickly found a place to call home. I got my first kitty from the 2011 Advent calendar. I birthed my kitty but had no intention of breeding her (even turned off breeding!) but a close friend wanted her own kitten and rather than buying one for her, I picked up another to breed with mine and the very first kitty I got was a Gen Diamond with Ody Boo Boo ears TEACUP! I gave it to my friend and people thought I was pretty generous to give the kitty to her. Little did I know what I had at the time was so special – a sized kitty with the most recessive ear (at the time). But that kitty also got me hooked on breeding.

Over the next few years, I learned how to read pedigrees and would spend hours walking the markets looking for just the right cat to use in my breeding schemes. I have had shops at most markets, but rarely made it to auctions until I was at Secret Smile. There, I was the auctioneer’s assistant for Matt & Donna – I made sure panels were set up on time, took pictures, and perved the kitties for all of their auctions. I eventually got to the point where I decided to try auctioning myself and was even set up with Rayne to train me. Instead, I ended up filling in for Donna one day and the rest is history, as they say.

I’m one of the owners at Bluefish Bay. I don’t auction much these days but I spend a lot of time building, designing and decorating – most of the auction stages and the sim design are mine. I also do almost all of the signage you see.

And I still love Ody Boo Boo ears!

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