Your First KittyCat!

Hi there! First of all, if you’re new to KittyCatS, I just want to say welcome! KittyCatS are wonderful and adorable, and I am almost sure you will be addicted to them in no time flat. Not only are the KittyCatS themselves wonderful and adorable, but the community dedicated to them is full of amazing and kind people. If you haven’t already, you should sign in to Second Life and search for the group “KittyCatS Addicts”!

Secondly, I’d like you to know that I’m not writing this guide to in any way attempt to replace the fantastic KittyCatS Manual, which is an amazing resource that will give you an in-depth set of instructions for everything related to KittyCatS. Instead, what I hope to accomplish here is to provide the basics you’re going to want to know the second you get your first KittyCat! So let’s jump right in, shall we?

Never Right-Click -> Open A KittyCatS Box!

If you didn’t buy or otherwise receive a live KittyCatS, you’re going to have either a small cardboard box object or perhaps the picture of a KittyCat against a cardboard background. These are referred to as box or image mode, usually. Here are some images for reference:

KittyCatS Box – New Born Kitten (Box Mode)

KittyCatS Box – New Born Kitten (Image Mode)

KittyCatS will break, and you will have to file a support ticket to have it replaced if you right click and open the box. Instead, to get yourself a cute little kitten in SL, what you want to do is click the box or the image, and you will see a menu something like this appear in the corner of your screen:

KittyCatS Box – New Born Kitten (Menu)


If you click on “Unpack” you can birth your new kitten, and within 10 minutes, have an adorable tiny ball of fluff to call your very own!

Live Kitties Need Food!

A boxed kitten can be kept boxed indefinitely, and does not require any food at all.

A live cat, though, does require food to remain healthy. KittyCatS do not die, they only get sick, but when they are sick, they lose a lot of their functionality, and don’t do anything but lay under a little blanket with a thermometer in their mouth.

Milk is only necessary if you want to breed KittyCatS and want them to gain love as fast as possible, and would rather not cuddle them for half an hour every day.

So, you need food, but you do not need milk.

Food can be purchased here: KittyCatS Main Store (Food & Vitamin Area).

Always Make Sure You Keep Your KittyCatS Up To Date!

As of July 2019, current KittyCatS version numbers are 1.58 or 1.60 (if born in cattery, or sent to/retrieved from the cattery).

If you try to birth a cat with a version number that is too low, the birth will fail, and you will have to submit a support ticket with KittyCatS to get a fixed version of your cat.

To check your KittyCatS version number, click the cat, choose “info” from the menu. The cat will spit out its statistics, including its traits, its ID, its parents, etc. Look for the line that starts with “Version” and is below your KittyCat’s size.

If you need to update your cat, you can always find the latest updater at KittyCatS Main Store here: KittyCatS Main Store (Freebies Area).

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