KittyCatS Information & Resources

  • KittyCatS Official Groups:
  • KittyCatS Official Web Site
  • KittyCatS Official Manual Online: This is the official Manual for KittyCatS breedables, and you really won’t find a finer source for all the information you’ll absolutely want and need to have for KittyCatS.   There is a section for everything, including some of the awesome extras you can buy for your KittyCatS, such as Jump and Play Prims!
  • KittyCatS Main Store: Food & VitaminsYou are going to need Kibble for your KittyCatS that are live, and not perma-pets, at the very least. You can also find Love Vitamins, Energy Vitamins, Get Well, Catnap, and Love Drops in this areaPerma-Pet Vitamins are also available here, which will turn your KittyCatS into permanent pets, that never eat at all.  Perma-Pet will also render your KittyCatS unable to breed, though, so many wait til the cats are past breeding age to use it.  Perma-Pet 120 is for KittyCatS that are “retired” (older than 120 days, and no longer able to breed), and is slightly cheaper than Perma-Pet, which allows any KittyCatS older than 7 days to be made into a permanent, non-eating, KittyCatS.
  • KittyCatS Main Store: Free ItemsHere you can pick up things you might need or want for your kitties that are available at no charge! Things like the Cattery dock, Break Up Vitamins, and assorted gifts from KittyCatS can be found here.
  • KittyCatS Forums Dominance ChartsWe feel we must, for accuracy’s sake, provide these charts as the only reliable and current charts. These charts are frequently updated, based on information gathered from posts checked daily at the KittyCatS Forums. If you would like to peruse the index of traits known on the forums, you may also click right here.  No disrespect is intended in not providing the Saga Dominance Order Charts, and appreciation is, and always be, due to Saga and all of the contributors.
  • Pawsable Traits:  Such an awesome library of cat-related things. A library of cat stories, both fiction and non-fiction, and links to all kinds of useful cat information.  Created and maintained by Ivy Norsk
  • Tad Carlucci’s Build-A-Cat: Having trouble deciding if Galaxy Moon eyes would look awesome on a Balinese Flame Lynx kitty? Want to see what Galaxy Sun will look like on a Burmilla Red Silver Shaded with Scotty Fold ears?  Just want to play around and find out what eyes, ears, and whiskers would be cute on your favorite fur? This is the place to do it!
  • KittyCatS Secondary Market ListingsAre you looking to buy a new KittyCatS from one of the awesome breeders out there? This is probably where you want to start! Also, if you’re breeding KittyCatS and are ready to start selling your New Born Kittens, this is an excellent resource for you, as well. Here you will surely be able to find a location where you can start selling your kitties.
  • Torgon’s KittyCatS Profiler Marketplace ListingsIf you use Torgon’s KittyCatS Profiler, KittyCatS that you set out for sale in conjunction with the profiler will be linked on this site.  This is also a convenient way to search for specific KittyCatS you might want to buy!

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