Kikii Littlepaws

… someone stole Kiki Littlepaws before I could get to it!

Hi there! I’m the Bluefish Bay resident murder muffin! No, really. I know, y’all think I’m all sweet & nice & a squishy little cinnamon roll. That’s okay, that just means you’ve never seen me upset!

I joined Second Life in 2004, having been a designer in There. Holy crap, anyone remember There?! I often grumbled about the process of having your designs approved in There, and my friend Pixiemoto told me all about this wonderful place she’d just recently joined called Second Life, where you didn’t need anybody to okay your design, and all you had to do was pay L$10 per texture upload.  Suffice it to say, I was in heaven.  I started learning how to create textures for the SL avatar mesh as soon as I could, and had a lot of help from Robin Sojourner Wood’s tutorials, as well as Chip Midnight’s avatar templates!  What a long, long time it’s been … 17 years, and here I am, still.  I was but a babe, once…

Anyway! Not long after joining SL, I met Vortex Saito, who would become my partner (in “crime”).  He really helped me learn the ropes, and I wouldn’t know half the things I do today without his patient help. I am and always will be grateful to him!

Of course, I’m also grateful to each and every person I’ve encountered in SL who has taught me a lesson, even if some of them were really hard lessons to learn!

As far as my KittyCatS background, I was introduced to them in 2011, with the Fall collection cats.  However, I didn’t understand what a “collection cat” really was, and I didn’t purchase any, thinking they’d be put out again the following year! How silly of me! Two of my very dearest friends, Rory and Heath, gave me two little tabby kittens to represent my real life cats, Beau and Dixie. I never meant to breed cats, but again, I didn’t understand a lot of things, and next thing I knew, Beau and Dixie (the pixel versions) had produced a kitten and there you have it, I was hooked! I went from zero to Crazy Cat Lady in about 2.6 seconds.

Not long after I started to breed cats, I realized it could get to be a very expensive habit, and I started looking for ways to supplement my SL income.  I DJ’ed for a while, though I’ve not done that in many, many years, and then I shyly and tentatively inquired about being a KittyCatS auctioneer, having been in the audience for more than a few with that new addiction of mine.  I eventually wound up working at The Borough, ran by Cortez Brandis and Nephelle Lanate, who taught me everything I know about KittyCatS breeding and auctioning.  I like to think I’ve done a good job over the years.  You know, all nearly 10 of them.

As of now, I’m (I guess?) a co-owner of Bluefish Bay. I’m still not sure how that happened, but I’m not going to question it! I am still auctioning, each Sunday at 10:AM SLT.  You can find my auction area right here!  In addition to running my weekly KittyCatS Auction (Kiki’s Sundae Sweet Treats), I also own and operate a small shop called “JNXD.” (That’s said “jinxed”).  You can find JNXD in world here, or you can shop on the Marketplace here!  I make cute stuff, if I do say so myself!

Come & Join Us In Second Life!