How it all started
How my SL started was a moment that I will cherish, dad loved computer games (so do I) and one day I saw him making an avatar and dancing with an elephant that changed colors, I liked what that looked and how my dad was typing and laughing looking at the computer so I asked what was that and he helped me install SL and taught me the basics, that’s when Darcie was born May 10th 2008

After exploring and meeting great people that I’m still friends with at this time, a friend taught me how to be a host at a ballroom in SL, worked for seven years and loved it, until RL took over and I stopped working.

Now my SL hasn’t been all sweet and kind, have been knocked out several times but I have stood up again, dusted myself off and kept going. I wanted to start a brand new avatar with selected friends and on September 28th 2013 Khasumi was born, since I have not been working in SL had no lindens so I started my freebies collection and hunts I’ve gotten so many great quality items that to relax I just play some jazz and arrange inventory, something I find most entertaining.

How my Kitty Kats life started
Actually it was by pure coincidence, it was SL’s birthday and they had freebies and one of them were kitty Kats, since I did not have lindens to feed them I did not unpacked them, until late 2021 when I by mistake rezzed the kitties, of course I fell in love with them right away, I looked for a job as hostess as Darcie at the former place so I can feed my kitties.

At the kitty Kats group I started making lots of questions and Rayne very kind offered to help me with all the questions, doubts I’ve had, he invited me to one of his auctions and I had SO much fun! I was amazed looking at so many type of kitties and wishing to have more! I joined Blue Fish Staff under Rayne’s wing shortly after and I could not be prouder to work along side a hard working and extremely funny group. Yes I’m new to Kitty Kats but I’m hooked for life.

Here you have a Mexican girl embarking on an exciting new chapter of her life, to be continued!

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