Bluefish Bay has moved – and our current Special

Hello everyone, by know you have seen that we have moved to a new sim and updated the layout of the market. If you have not seen this you need to stop by and check it out!  I would like to give a shout out to Kiki and Navaar for taking my basic idea and turning it in to a wonderful Market!

Our Houseboats are 100L for 100 prims and our stalls are 50L for 50 prims. Currently our special is buy 3 week and get 1 week free.

Now that the Holliday Season is over, our auctions have started back up. Sunday at 10am  Kiki’s Sweet Treats, Monday at 9am Kitty Treasures with Kat, and Tuesday at 6pm The Kitty Twister Auction with Rayne.

Here is to 2022 may you get that special kitty you are breeding for!


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